An Overview Of Our First Aid Training Courses

At North Pennines Training our aim is simple:

To be a leading provider of general first aid training and the industry leader in first aid training for rural, remote and higher risk workplaces in the North of England & Southern Scotland.

Surely first aid training is the same anywhere so I should just go for the cheapest option….. ?

Not really. Our first aid skills have been honed in the real world dealing with real incidents in the workplace or within volunteer rescue teams. First aid relies on practical skills and should be taught in a practical and engaging manner – which is exactly what our staff excel at.

First and foremost we are a training company and we don’t offer any product or service just as a way to fill the diary. We only offer what our customers tell us we are good at and perhaps most importantly what our staff have a passion for.

Remember there is a difference between “good value” and “budget” – we always try to offer the former but never the latter. Money spent on learning skills that save a life is money well spent!

Why Choose North Pennines Training?

First aid is a practical skill and we believe that the best way to teach it is in a practical manner. Our courses give ample opportunity for learners to get “hands-on” with both basic skills and complex scenarios.

Repeated and progressive opportunities to practice mean that essential skills are more likely to be retained.

Powerful and memorable systems are developed to allow the first aider to deal confidently and competently with real world first aid incidents.

The learners on our courses have a wide range of experiences and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our courses offer the opportunity for individuals to ask questions and give input based on their own personal situations.

The content and style of our courses are constantly monitored and refined using both formal and informal feedback collected from our clients.

Jargon in first aid is very common however our courses seek to explain the jargon and develop greater understanding through the use of background knowledge.
Many people find first aid a daunting prospect so we develop memorable systems to guide and support you through these stressful events.

Where necessary our training begins with basic principles and progresses in a logical and appropriate manner.

On an NPT course no question is a silly question – if you feel the need to ask the question then it is our job to answer it. In fact learners are actively encouraged to ask questions to enhance their understanding.

Our courses are delivered by well-qualified and highly experienced trainers who come from a range of backgrounds. Their training skill is backed up by industry specific knowledge and insight which enables them to tailor courses very effectively. Many also have hands-on experience as first aiders, first responders and rescue team members.

An understanding of your workplace, work techniques and the associated hazards keeps our courses relevant to you. Prior to group bookings we can arrange for our trainer to visit your site to gain further insight if necessary.

NPT works closely with another first aid training provider, a partnership established to develop and share best practice in first aid training.  It is dedicated to the standardisation of training and  assessment criteria and the continued professional development of its staff.

NPT trainers regularly attend advanced training to develop their skills beyond the level at which they deliver training.

Rigorous internal and external quality assurance procedures have been established to maintain the high quality standards that we are known for.

Our courses are certificated by ITC First who are a leading awarding organisation within the first aid training industry.

NPT are accredited by ITC First who are in turn regulated by OfQual and SQA. This process requires that NPT have in place very robust quality control procedures.

Our trainers undergo annual appraisals and all courses are subject to unannounced external quality assurance visits by both the awarding organisation and OfQual or SQA.

Because NPT offers “regulated” qualifications this removes the need for client’s to undertake their own “Due Diligence” checks as recommended by HSE, thereby significantly reducing your paperwork burden.

As a relatively small company we benefit from a level of flexibility often absent in larger training providers. We tailor our courses specifically to your needs and offer a range of delivery options.

Courses can be delivered at our training suite or, subject to a suitable space being available, they can be delivered at your site or a third party venue.

Course timings can be adjusted to meet your requirements and can even be planned to suit the needs of shift workers.

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks very much for doing the first aid with members of our team on Wednesday and yesterday.  I’ve heard this morning that everyone thought it was brilliant and the words “Best one I’ve ever been to” were mentioned to me by three of them.” – Outdoor First Aid

Shane Harris, North Pennines AONB
“Excellent course, well run and presented. Tailored to our company’s specific needs.” – Emergency First Aid at Work
Bruce Lenton, Totalpost
“Course content and instruction were both excellent. Trainer was very knowledgeable and open to answering questions – Also managed to put attendees at ease when acting as volunteers + carrying out practice.” – EFAW+F
View HSE Guidance Document

HSE Guidance for Selecting a Training Provider

As of October 31st 2013 HSE removed all approvals of first aid training providers. Any provider still claiming to be approved by HSE is not! Selecting an appropriate training provider is now the responsibility of the employer who must demonstrate due diligence in making their selection. HSE have produced a guidance document to assist employers in this process. As North Pennines Training offers regulated qualifications it is not necessary for the employer to complete the due diligence checks. For more info view the HSE guidance document.
View HSE Guidance Document

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